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Pricing & Fees

All Hunts and included lodging are for 3 full days (although longer hunts can be arranged). Your hunt will be exclusive as only you or you and your group will be hunting.
A non-refundable deposit is required when booking. The final Hunt Fees will be based on the green gross score of BOTH harvested and wounded deer. We will make every effort to recover your wounded deer, but can not guarantee it.
Youth and military discounts are available.
All hunters will have an opportunity to harvest a deer. If for any reason a hunter decides not to harvest a deer or make an effort to harvest a deer, that hunter may still be required to pay the full price for the hunt. The initial deposit can be used toward a future hunt.

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Whitetail and Mule Deer Pricing
is based on SCI scoring system.

120″-129″  $3,500

130″-139″  $4,250

140″-149″  $4,750

150″-159″  $5,500

160″-169″  $6,000

170″-179″  $6,500

180″-189″  $7,000

190″-199″  $8,000

200″+        $10,000+

300″+       Call for pricing

400″+       Call for pricing

500″+       Call for pricing and availability

SCI scoring system

We can provide rifles and other weapons as described on our About Page. Professional Taxidermy is also available on site. A typical shoulder mount is $650 but prices may vary.

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All hunts are for THREE DAYS or less.